Monday, June 11, 2007


Last week I was sitting on the couch, and Klous was playing on the floor...I could hear him making noises, but when I looked on the floor I couldn't find him. I thought he had army crawled into the corner by the door...but when I sat up I saw what he really had done!! He was hiding from his mommy!!!

I had to pull him out to get the full effect and tell the story, so this is how he does it...he scoots backwards into this tunnel toy...
then he turns and squeezes and pulls himself into it...or tries at least...:)
and after a lot of trying, he finally gets inside and is SOOO proud of what he's done!! Look at his big smile!!! He thought he was pretty funny!!!Then he finds his other toys and entertains himself in the tunnel for a while!!
The only problem is that he tries to pull himself up with his other toy, but he doesn't realize that the tunnel is TOO short and his head pushes up on's pretty cute!!
Looks like we'll have fun with hide & seek when he's big enough!!!

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