Thursday, February 21, 2008

Springtime??? MAYBE???? :) :) :)

There have been quite a few other people that have blogged and the pathetically, annoying, winter weather!! I COMPLETELY agree with them...I'm ready for spring...warmer temps...playing outside...sunshine...pretty flowers...EVERYTHING that comes along with it!! I walked by the window today and looked out...the whole yard was full of some ugly, mean birds...but next to our step I saw a ROBIN!!! I don't know if it means the same thing in Utah or not??? But in Minnesota, if you see a robin, that means spring is REAL close!! Because it's warming up, and they're coming back!!'s this year's ROBIN!! Maybe it'll bring good weather and happy news that Spring is coming quickly!! We can only hope right!!! :) :) :)


Austin said...

i sure hope so. i think the robin is the groundhog's natural enemy. the little rodent sees his shadow and makes it stay winter, the bird brings back spring! (i hope!)

breckster said...

I was just wondering this morning if NYC had robins. Honestly, the ONLY birds I've seen since I've been here are pigeons. How will I ever know when spring is coming. The street sweepers have been out all winter, and every time I hear one pass my heart is happy... the i remember its only a sign of spring in Minnesota because they only come out when the snowplows are no longer needed.

Mindy said...

Send some robins this way! The snow is still deep. I can't believe you can see the ground/grass where you are.

krista said...

I hope spring is coming soon! I am so tired of all of this snow!

Tara said...

Amen sista!
Oh so you put my birthday on your calendar. That is sooo sweeeeet. Thanks a bunch.
Tonight my parents are taking us out to dinner and a movie. But we want to do something with ya all soon. So we should plan something for next week. What night works best for you. Friday? Saturday? Let us know. It can even be any other night. Okay.
See ya