Wednesday, April 23, 2008

He's a TRUE boy...and is definitely MY son :)

Hello...sorry for the LONG time no pictures or posts. Things have been crazy!!!

Anyways...I just wanted to write and show some cute pictures of Klous from the last week or so!!! Last weekend, we realized his high chair was pretty NASTY Ryan decided to bring it outside and spray it with the hose...well Klous was a TRUE boy and was first to find the extra water running off!!!

As you can see...he was ALL smiles splashing in it too!!Then he had to march march march in it!!
And as you can see...he didn't have any shoes on...(since he's holding it) his feet and pants were SOAKED!!!
Then yesterday...I made a veggie & fruit pizza for church...Klous was all about helping me with the fruit dip stuff!! He's definitely my son, because he likes the Marshmallow cream as much as his mommy!!! He was ALL smiles again when I gave him a spoon with some on it!!!
Crazy how fast he can clean off that spoon when he LIKES the stuff!! Silly kid...he liked saying CHEESE too with his marshmallow face!!! Man he's a cute kid!!!


Andrea and Danny said...

BEAUTIFUL WOMAN...HELLO!!! You have the most adorable family!! We miss you so much... and are looking forward to whenever we see you!!

Mike and Jana Black said...

He is so cute. Forget the fruit, you should just serve the marshmallow dip with some spoons! See you on saturday!

Mindy said...

I like how Klous is always saying cheese.

krista said...

Too cute!! Klous looks like he is having so much fun marching in the water! Klous and Ava are at such a fun age right now!!