Saturday, December 3, 2011

We're IN...we're hooked up...and we're alive!!!'s official. As of November 18th, we are official homeowners!!! Here's our cute little abode!!!! :)
Sorry I've been MIA...between packing, cleaning, painting, moving, unpacking, cleaning more, Thanksgiving, Aysha's Birthday, and being BURNT out...we just barely got internet hooked up again at our new place...and we are still alive!!! Tired...but alive!!! We have to be out of our apartment by this weekend has been finishing up cleaning there and getting all our CRAP out!!! Ugh...such a do people accumulate so much STUFF!?!?!?! Do I really need it all!?!?! Ugh!!!!
Anyways...I will be posting before/after pictures of this place!!! It's coming along..."done" enough for us!!! Touch-ups all over that need to be done...but the majority of the BIG projects are done!!! Now it's just a matter of finding a place to put everything!!! How in the world did we fit all this stuff in such a small place!?!?! Cuz I'm beginning to wonder if it's all gonna fit here!?!?! And we have 1000 MORE square!?!?!? It's gotta right!?!?!?!
Just wanted you all to know we're alive and getting moved in & settled!!!

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AnnaMarie said...

Glad you're alive. And congratulations on your exciting move! I'm so happy for you, and hope it'll be perfect for you for a long time! Good luck fitting all your stuff in. I think about how pioneer families fit everything plus ten members of their families in a log cabin and think we could do a lot better...but they probably didn't "need" so many kitchen appliances or toys. :)