Monday, July 16, 2007

Cabin Experience!!

This weekend the Attorney who works with the credit union invited the collections department and their families to spend some time at his cabin. So we went up Friday night and came home Saturday. It was very relaxing and fun...although there was not a lot of sleeping :(

Klous even was having TOO much fun to close his little eyes and go night night...he didn't fall asleep til almost midnight. Even with both Ryan & I trying our normal routine...was just too exciting I guess!!
But in the morning he had fun playing with his friend Vanessa and the doll house!! Tried to convince Ryan he needs one for his birthday :) Just kidding!!! :)
This is the amazing view from the deck that wraps around the cabin...someday Ryan and I will be rich and be able to afford something like this?? Yeah right...but we can wish right?!?!?
Klous really enjoyed playing on the deck and chasing his ball...although when we got home Saturday I felt real bad because the top of his feet and his knees has lots of little slivers from crawling :( That wasn't fun to have to get them all out...but he was a good sport!! Guess that'll teach me!!! :)

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krista said...

The cabin sounds like it was a lot of fun! We missed being able to go this year. There probably was way too much excitement for Klous too sleep!