Saturday, April 25, 2009

LoViN' oUtSiDe :)

We had a few days this last week that were in the 70-80 degree range...and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! We didn't want to be in the house...we played with friends one day...Klous was a the next day I banned him from playing with friends!! It was a fun/quiet day just at home!! We just played in the backyard...Klous rode his bike...Aysha was in her exer-saucer...and Mommy read a book!! We started in the front, but it was TOO we moved to the back!! It was nice...and the kids took GREAT naps after playing. As usual!!!

Klous is loving his bike!! He's finally figured out how to pedal forward and not just push on the brakes the whole time!!

Aysha was LOVING the sun and toys...she's getting so funny and excited!!!
She just smiles and gets so excited when she plays!!!
Ugh...I just love her!!!
Klous even has to have lunch outside too...he's been LOVING having his picnic table out so he can eat OUTSIDE!!!
What a handsome little boy!!!
Eating his noodles and chicken!! YUMMA :)


Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

Does Klous have Pepsi in his Pepsi cup? :)

The Jones :) said...

NO...just water :) He doesn't like the bubbles from pop!! My water baby!!