Thursday, April 2, 2009

Love my kiddos :)

Today it hit me again how lucky I really am to have such happy, healthy I had to take advantage of that and get some cute pictures!! I smile daily with these munchkins...and it's just getting better and better as each day goes by...Aysha is getting so big and smiley...she giggled for the first time was adorable...and Klous always says something to make me laugh!! Like today...we were in Wal-Mart at the I was paying and we were walking out...Klous was saying..."Thank you shopping at wal-mart....thank you shopping at wal-mart"...guess we have an official, capable door greeter on our hands!! How old do they have to be to get hired!?!?! :) :) :) Makes me laugh!!!

Here's our pretty princess...she looked adorable in this she always does!! She's getting more aware of her headbands and ALWAYS pulls them over her eyes...gonna have to nip that in the butt soon!!
CUTE kids...Klous just had to get on the princess blanket with her!!!
They both had their "Daddy" shirts on...I didn't even try it!! Klous' says: My Dad is my HERO and Aysha's says: My Heart belongs to Daddy....CUTE :)
She'll watch him like a hawk...and he just loves talking to her...and likes it even more when she makes noises or "talks" too :)
She's not so into laying down all the time anymore...she's loving her bumbo and she's liking her toys more too...she'll hold them and bang them into her face til she gets them in her mouth!!!

She's just too cute!!!


Klous Family said...

They are so cute Becki! I can't wait to meet Aysha!! She is really beautiful! Love their outfits too! I should find some cute shoes for Ryleigh...we've only tried one pair and they don't stay on very well. She has some funky curved feet that are "supposed to fix themselves when she starts walking". Maybe putting shoes on her would help??!?!? I have no idea! But Aysha's (shoes) are really cute!
Love you guys!!

Mindy said...

Hazel said something like, 'ah she's so cute, all covered in valentines'.
The pictures are so sweet of both of them talking together. You'll have to put that on your wall.

Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

those jeans that Ashya had on yesterday were SO cute. You need to take a pic of her cute little bum. :)

ChasingChase said...

I love that picture of them looking at each other! So Cute!! I bet they will be close as they get older.

Andrea and Danny said...

Ohhh so cute!! I love that shirt! You do a good job of dollin' her up all the time!

Jamie said...

the picture of Aysha looking right at the camera in the little chair is SOO cute. My girls would never keep stuff in their hair... well... Carly wasn't too bad. But Rachel was determined. She didn't care how tightly a barrette was clasped in or how much hair she had to rip out to get it out... I totally gave up with her.