Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Eggs :)

We made plans with Ryan's sister Shauna to color Easter Eggs with the boys this weekend. So between sessions, after naps, and when ever it actually happened, we'd color them...Klous had been waiting ALL week, since I let him pick out what package he wanted...of course he chose the BALL one. So he was very ready and anxious to do it...Shauna called and told me Zack was being naughty and they wouldn't be coming right if we wanted to get started to go ahead...Klous was THRILLED!!!

We got paper on the table...(thanks Amber) :) And then got the stuff ready...I hadn't done this since I was a I wasn't quite sure what I was doing...had to read the box ;) Klous had fun putting the eggs in the water and checking them :) We only started out with 2 colors...
He colored on the eggs and DROPPED them in the water...a little spillage, but oh well!!
He thought it was pretty cool to check on them too!!
Aysha was all smiles watching her big brother do it too!! Isn't she so happy!!!
A little bit later, I got a text saying Zack had woken up and wanted to come up Shauna & Zack came over...and we got more colors out and more eggs!! Zack thought it was pretty cool too...don't know if Klous & Zack had more fun...or Ryan :) :) :)
See...Ryan's too focused on his egg...the little boys will smile for a picture!!
Here's the finished products...the BALL eggs :) :) :)
And the colored ones...I helped draw Klous & Zack on the eggs...Zack is the green and Klous the blue...
It was fun...and the boys had fun...too bad their attention span is still only like 15-20 minutes on something!! Oh was fun!! And it was a good weekend...relaxing and uplifting...who could ask for more!!


Julie said...

Love the soccer ones. Coloring Easter eggs is fun with all the kids. My kids are getting older so last year Mic and Parker thought they were too old and didn't want to. Enjoy it while they are young

Andrea and Danny said...

FUN! It does look like Ryan's having the most fun!! ;)