Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 2009 :)

Happy Easter to all of you!!! Here are only a few pictures from today...the kids of course got their new "Easter" clothes...and I had to do a little photo shoot with them. They were simply adorable if I must say so myself!!! I love my kids and my husband and I couldn't ask for better people to have in my life. I was sad I didn't get to see my family for yet again another holiday...but we're going home (Minnesota) in May...and I can't WAIT!! It'll be so great for Klous to be able to play with his cousins and for Aysha to finally meet everyone!!! Enjoy the pictures of the kids in their cute new clothes!! I LOVE THEM!!! So pretty and so handsome!!!

Aysha was just a DOLL I think...the outfit was cute on the hanger...but even CUTER on her!!! And the flower...just made that this morning, and I loved it!!!
She's just a happy baby and loves the smile for the camera!!!
She's slowly starting to sit up...and I had to click this one before she face planted!! Isn't she cute!!!
And here's my handsome little man!! He was grumpy and usually is as we're getting ready for church...since we meet at 1:00...yeah it's his I had to keep telling him..."You better not smile...don't smile for mommy..." And I got REAL smiles...not just the CHEESE ones!!!
Man I love these kids...Klous was so excited to be able to hold Aysha...they're so cute together and I'm so glad they love each other!!!
He's getting so big...and looked so grown up in this little suit...what a hotty huh!!! I LOVE him!!!
Then we went outside for a few pictures...the sun was so bright and in their didn't work great...but they're still cute!!!
And here's our attempt at getting our whole family!!! Aysha got a little cut off...but we did alright!!!

We love you all and hope you guys had a GREAT Easter and were able to reflect on our Savior!! We took some time to watch a movie with Klous today...and he hasn't stopped talking about Jesus healing the people so they could see!!! It's cute...guess he really did watch it!!


Karen Brothersen said...

I too love their outfits. Your kids are so photogenic! You should have come to our house for Easter today! We cooked a turkey, and had a fun time.

krista said...

Klous and Aysha look so cute in their Easter outfits! They are adorable! I love Aysha's flower!

Steven & Adrienne said...

Cute pictures, and you have to tell me how you made her flower headband, I want to make some for my baby girl when she comes.

Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

Aysha's dress is SO cute... I didn't get to see the whole outfit at church... cute cute cute!

Jamie said...

I love aysha's dress. I love the orange and the pattern. Klous' outfit looks very dashing. YOu know if I saw that on a rack... I just might pick that out myself! :) you have fabulous taste!