Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Bunny came too :)

Not only did the kids get cute outfits...but the Easter Bunny made a stop at our house too...Klous has been waiting and waiting for Easter time...so it was so fun to see him wake up and be so excited for it to FINALLY be here!!! He even woke up Monday morning...yelling at me from his room..."Mommy...it Easter time...bring me bike, glove, helmet"...guess he didn't realize it's a once a year thing!!! Either way...it was way cute to see both kids excited about what the Easter Bunny brought them!!!

Klous got himself a new bike and stuff to go along with it...
Aysha got the "girly girl" stuff...and couldn't get enough of looking at her baby and basket!!
Our little baseball player!!!
So happy to have her 1st Easter!!!
She's on a mission to get her basket....
And just checking out her baby!!
Klous was all excited to get out and try out his new bike...he didn't care it was still chilly out...and only 8:30 in the morning...he went out...jammies and all!!!
Not quite sure how to do the pedaling thing...so Daddy's trying to help him!!!
He was off...just kept going and going...
After practicing more on Sunday and then on Monday too...he's slowly catching on...but he sure is excited about it!! Hope you all enjoyed your Easter as well!!!


Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

Hey, Cody got that same kite from the Easter bunny. We will have to go fly some kites one of these days. :)

Karen Brothersen said...

The Easter bunny is really good to your family! The kids are sooooo cute!