Thursday, April 16, 2009

Come what may & love it!!

Ok so I was really upset this morning with everything that happened with the snow...and the SNOW for that matter. Now it's warmed up and the snow is melting and dripping...and Klous has been ANXIOUS to get outside and play and build a we went outside. He's been naughty this morning, and I thought some fresh air might calm him down?? He's asleep now, so maybe it did!!!

Here's the outcome of our "playing"...the little Jones SNOW Family :)
Daddy, Aysha, Klous, Mommy
Little miss Aysha...cute huh!!
Klous & SNOW Klous :)
Daddy snowman...
and Mommy Snowman...I tried to zoom in, but you can't really see it...Klous kept putting snowballs on the front of me...guess he knew it was supposed to be a GIRL ;) Smart kid :)
So I guess things could be worse...and the snow really isn't that bad...and it was fun to be a kid again and play for a bit!!! (P.S...there's your snowmen Papa!!!)


Laura said...

Very cute snow family! This morning Max said, "I want this to be the last time it snows this spring!"
I have to agree :)

Klous Family said...

How fun that you got to play in the snow! Nothing you can do about it so may as well make the best of it! Adorable little snow family!

Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

Cute snow family. My boys went out and played for hours too... I can't believe how wet they were when they came in. Lot's of water. Their mom wouldn't go out with them though. Klous is a lucky kid. :)

breckster said...

thats what I would call lemonade.

Usually I am jealous of you utahns, wishing I could see all ya'all. But, look what it looked like in New York today at my blog.

krista said...

Cute snowmen family! I am glad that Klous is enjoying the snow! I am really hoping that is the last for a long time!