Saturday, April 18, 2009

LOVE yard sales!!!

For the last few years, Ryan has really gotten me into liking yard sales...we go once it's warm enough and the kids just tag along, or just one of goes, or something???'s that time of year again and there were going to be LOTS of good ones this morning. Klous got some little bug yesterday and was a little I was nervous as to how last night would go. My friend Caradon wanted to go to some with me this weekend, but I was sad when I told her that I probably wouldn't be going since Klous was sick. I told her it depended on how the night went and if he slept all night!!!
ANYWAYS...this morning I woke up at 7:25 and realized Klous had slept ALL night and didn't get up or puke or I texted Caradon to see if she was still going and if I could tag along. Ryan stayed home and slept a "little" longer with the kids and I went on my journey to find some good deals!!! And that I did!!!
I stopped at the ATM and got $40 cash...I came home with $6....and this is EVERYTHING I got!!!!

A pitching net for Klous...(loved our friend Braydon's) so I had to get it!! 2 garbage bags FULL of bowling pins & balls...(lady said it was from her gym class she taught??) Klous wanted bowling from the Easter Bunny, but I said instead for ALL those things for only $3 :) And then the little block car?? I remember having that when I was little and playing with had to get it for Klous...this whole picture was $5....
Then I found this toy box thing...that's a beauty...all of $5 :)
This picture is a little bad cuz of the glare of the window, but it has a LOT!!! Clothes, Princess chair, vacuum, Buzz Lightyear suitcase, Little Tikes kitchen...and the BEST find that Klous LOVES...his OWN "skates"...they're rollerblades that actually fit him and will grow 4 shoe sizes, so they'll actually last a while!! This picture stuff was all of $24...
Today was a GREAT yard saling day!! Thanks Caradon for letting me bum along with you!! She found good stuff too!!! Yay for good deals!!! Now just have to find a place for all this stuff!!! Yikes!!!


krista said...

Wow!! That is crazy!! I can't believe you got all of that fun stuff! I am going to have to go with you some time!

ChasingChasey said...

We really did score on this one. Good for us!! We should write a book or something!!!