Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They're coming around!!!

Yesterday was a pretty decent day...after getting home from the doctor and everyone getting a nap...having some lunch...and just "relaxing"...the smiles slowly started coming!! Aysha didn't need to be sucked out near as often yesterday...I think she went 8 hours even before having to go in...then made it again til bedtime. After she woke up from one of her naps...I was talking to her while she was in the swing...can I tell you how HAPPY I was to see MY little girl again...so so happy to see the smiles and hear the coos :)

Check out those red eyes and that nose...poor girl...all her sneezes and coughs...she's still adorable though huh!!
Once she quit sneezing, she was even more playful and happy :)
I love this face...she was going to sneeze, but it didn't come!! She's so stinkin' cute!!
She's pretty hooked on that fist...anytime her binki is out of her mouth...she's trying to figure out how to get that fist in her mouth...or just her finger/thumb. It's pretty cute!!!
And poor Klous...he had a rough day again yesterday...so tired and stuffy...lots of sneezes, coughs, and gagging...but he was still willing to smile at the camera too. Poor sick babies...
These were just before bed last night...before her last treatment for the night...she sure is a smiley girl and I'm SO SO happy to have this back...crazy how much you can miss it in just a week.
Yeah...BIG smiles!!! :) :) :)
This is today...Klous woke up even better then yesterday...(which doesn't take much)...but we got up and laid on the couch for a bit watching his shows...after a while I got up and Klous told me..."Mommy...my almost done sick" :) :) :) It was so cute...and he's so ready to be over it as well!! Today got up to 60 degrees and it was LOVELY!!! We played outside with some friends and Grandma was here to visit/help too...was so nice to be outside and enjoy a nice day!!! Can't wait for spring to REALLY be here!!! But as you can see...Klous is feeling even better today!!!
And Aysha...she went in for a suction treatment at 4:00 A.M this morning...and just barely went back in for another one...it's now 10:50 P.M...so she made it ALL day without going in...and we loved it!! We sucked her out a few times here at home...and she still ate, slept, peed, and played...so she's really doing better finally!! I'm so ready and excited for it all to be done!! Knowing there's actually an end in sight makes me so so happy!!!
She's more active and happy now...and it's great to have our happy baby back...having sick kids is so tough...and it's gotta be a better week now right!!!
I just wanted to say how grateful I am for all the family and friends that we have who have shown care, concern, love, help, advice, and anything else. I'd list them, but I know I'd miss someone and that would be mean...so you know who you are...and please know how much we love and appreciate all of you!! It's great to know that we have such close friends and family that want to do whatever they can for us!! Thanks especially though to Ryan for staying home with me to deal with it...taking Aysha in every FOUR hours...and for staying right along side me with very little sleep. And to Grandma for all her love and concern and help...it was great having you here today to help and entertain the kids...and to have you around so we could catch up on sleep!! I'm just so lucky to have such great people in my life...I love you all!! Here's to happy, healthy kids SOON :) :) :)


Julie said...

Glad things are getting better. Your kids are so cute! Maybe you can get some sleep now.

Jamie said...

I'm so glad to see her smiling and hear the happiness in your "voice*..... (you know what I mean! )
What a rough week you've had.

ChasingChase said...

It is so cute how "reactive" she is now. So many cute smiles! I am so glad your kiddos are doing better finally.

Andrea and Danny said...

I'm SO glad things are getting better at your house!! It must have been so hard! YAY for precious baby girl and awesome little boy smiles :D