Monday, February 9, 2009

Mommy & Kids...

Last week I had fun taking pictures of me and the kids!! We're doing fun little surprises for Daddy...and this was one of he'd have some new pictures at work. Here are a few of them...Klous and Aysha are so stinkin' cute. We really are pretty lucky...and hope Daddy appreciated the pictures as much as we enjoyed doing them!!

Klous & Mommy saying CHEESE :)
Kisses for Daddy :)
Aysha & Mommy saying CHEESE :)
Kisses for Daddy from us!!
Aren't they cute!!
Aysha's waving or something...but Klous liked holding her for this picture!!


krista said...

These pictures are adorable! Klous is so good in getting his picture taken!! I have the hardest time getting Ava to stay still for pictures and when she is actually staying still, she probably won't smile!

Karen Brothersen said...

So stinking cute! Klous has my permission to date Kaylee when they are older! And p.s. I love the background. I have that one on my catering blog.