Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bath time and Golfing!! :)

I realized last weekend that we hadn't taken ANY pictures of Aysha getting a bath since she's come home. It's only been over 2 months!! But now she actually likes the tub and kicks, plays, and smiles!! She's so I had Ryan grab the camera and get some cute faces of her...we just love her!!

After naps and stuff on Saturday...we wanted to do a surprise for Klous and took him mini-golfing. He told us we couldn't go cuz the snow wasn't all gone...but we told him we could do it he was ok with it!! He is so cute and had lots of are the pictures from our adventure...sorry they're so dark...they only have "black" lights in there.
Klous got one hole in one even!! Good job!!

This is what Aysha thought of it all!! Cutie Pie :)
Klous & Daddy having fun!!

This was funny...he was trying to pick that thing up cuz it was in his way when he hit the ball...silly kid!!!

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Klous Family said...

You two make the cutest kids!! They are both so precious!! I don't think there has been a 'comment' that I haven't said how beautiful Aysha is since she was born...not gonna stop now! Aysha is SO BEAUTIFUL!! Klous is equally handsome!! And they both look so happy! You guys are great parents and they are so lucky!
Love you!