Friday, February 6, 2009


The last couple days I've been really thinking about my brothers!! In my family we have the "3 older girls"...and the "3 little kids". I obviously fall into the 3 little kids...and I'm smack in the middle!! I have an older brother, Andy, who is 2 years older...and a younger brother, Danny, who is 2 years younger. Anyways...most of you already know that!! So in Utah is hard for me at times...and it seems like this last week has been extra hard, and I'm missing my family. We get to go home in May...and I can't wait...but this week I've really been thinking about these 2 boys. Andy just had his birthday on Tuesday...and then on Wednesday morning I found out that Danny's wife was in labor. Later that night found out their little girl was born. then I've been reflecting and thinking of all the "fun" times we've had together...all the growing up we've done together and apart...all the MEAN things they did to me...all the NICE things they've done...but most of all for all the love, care, concern, and protection they have shown me. I really do love these guys!! They'll probably be mad I put these pictures on, but some of them brought back good memories!! They're a couple of GOOFS!! :) My BIG BOY and LITTLE BOY!!! I love you guys!!!

I got this picture from them sometime...I don't remember when, but it was in an empty photo album and had a note saying..."this can remind you of the best brothers in the world"...and it's true...I couldn't ask for any better!!!

Picture was probably in like 2002 maybe??
Here's my REAL brothers!! Danny on the left and Andy on the right...imagine having those living just across the hall from you at home!! Oh the good times!!
This was at Andy's wedding reception...when we were little...we did a "GONG Show" which is like a talent show I suppose. But we all sang the song from Top Gun..."You've Lost that Loving Feeling"...well...when Andy got married...that was one of the songs they we had to pretend to be little again and sing it!! And yes...Danny & I are getting ready to grab Andy's tummy and tickle it!!
And this is how it ended!! Man I love these boys!!! LOL :)
Andy...well this is a funny picture I found of him!! Don't hate me Big Boy!! But he is truly amazing. He is so loving and kind. He has his moments as everyone does...but even when we lived at home...I know I was that "annoying little sister"...but he still loved me. When he went on his mission, I had the hardest time...I really did look up to him and admire him. He's taught me so much in my life and I'm so grateful to have him. He's honest, fun, happy, loving, and just an amazing guy!!

This was on the weekend of his mission farewell...June 2000
And I love to look at him with his kids and see what a good husband and father he is!! I'm so lucky to have him as a brother...but I have to realize that his kids and wife are equally if not more lucky to have him too!! This picture is Andy with Eric, Alex, and sweet!!
Danny...he's always one to make people laugh. I can't count the number of times he'd be sitting across the table from me at dinner...and he'd look down to take a bite of food...or get a drink...and then look up and straight at me...with this goofy look. Only usually it was one eye crossed and one not. He too is very loving and kind. We had a lot of times that I would be the one crying when we were growing up...and it was hard, and I wondered why I had to suffer through all that crap...but all of us have turned out alright!! He is so honest, caring, and kind. We've had our fair share of arguments and disagreements...but in the end we love each other no less. I'm so proud of him and when I see him with his wife, it's so stinkin' cute. He's a great guy, and now will be an amazing father as well!! I can't believe he's a Dad...but it was bound to happen...heck I can't believe I'm a mom!!
This picture was from my graduation party...June 2001
I stole this picture from his blog...but check out that smile. He couldn't be any happier...and he'll be so good!! I'm so happy for him and his new little family!! I just wish I could meet little Mya and give him a hug.
Ok...that was a little "ode" to my brothers...they really are amazing and great...and even with all the teasing and jokes...I love them no less!! They're great, and I couldn't ask for anyone better to have grown up with!! I love you boys!!


wendy said...

Becki, I keep coming back to this post and laughing at the pictures. You and your brothers look so fun! Plus, to save time, I have to add about your previous posts, that your kids are so dang cute. I love watching Klous grow up. And Aysha is a beauty!

Nat said...

That makes me want a brother! :(

Julie said...

Brothers are cool. I have 4. Your brothers remind me of Mic and Parker. I think of you when I think of Haley cause she is right in the middle too. It's cool when they grow up and have families of their own and it's cool to see them as fathers. Looks like you have some pretty cool brothers.

The Piller's said...

Shut Up...your bros should not be that grown should not be this grown up. I still remember the good ol' days back in the neighborhood playing tag in the dark! Wow! It's great to see them!