Friday, June 29, 2007

Relaxin' in the sun...

We spent a lot of our time in the pool while we were there. It was so hot and no fun being outside unless you could cool off in the pool. Here are a few pictures of the fun things we did while swimming!! It really helped too that the water was the PERFECT temperature and you didn't have to get used to it or was just nice. :)

With Grandma, Auntie Jess, Auntie Shauna, Uncle Matthew, Zack, and of course was pretty fun!!!Daddy & Klous played for a bit...
Then it was Mommy's turn...Klous would get sick of being in his floaty tubes, so we'd play with him other ways too...he liked the diving sticks!!!
Cute face huh...had to wear a tank top after a bit because my chest got burnt...other then that it was great!!
When Klous gets tired he plays with my here...he was getting tired!!
Then he was out!!! We got him this cool jet ski floaty that had a sun was perfect, and he liked it too!!!

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krista said...

The pool looks very nice and very fun!! I love Klous's jet ski tube floater!!