Friday, June 29, 2007

Fun times...

We went down a couple days before Ryan's we had 2 hotel rooms...the first one we were at Klous found a good spot to keep his toys...then he realized he could crawl in the cubby WITH his toys!!! :) So here he is reaching for them....and then showing off for Mommy with big smiles!!! :)
Then he thought he better inspect the place and check out the worked okay!!
We got to hang out with our friends Jared & Tara, who have their little boy Gavin...he's just 9 days older then Klous...and they sure were cute together...could be trouble if they were together all the time!!
Klous & Daddy bonded while watching Clifford and Curious George in the morning...something that doesn't get to happen very often!!
He thinks it's important to climb and stand up whenever he can....even when eating his snacks!!
He liked to watch ESPN with Daddy & Uncle must've been interesting....
even though Daddy was asleep...Klous enjoyed it!!! :) Ryan got lots of naps in and was a good break for all of us!!
Klous & Zack are so cute together...Zack watches out for him...and Klous follows Zack around wherever he goes!!! We got them matching shirts...cuz they're AWESOME!! :)
And here's Klous & Grandpa before we had to come home...just resting on the bed!!

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krista said...

It looks like you had a great time!! Klous is soo cute! It's fun to see him checking everything out. He has the cutest little smile!!