Friday, June 15, 2007

Playing!!! :)

Klous is having lots of fun being able to move around more now...and even quicker then before. Not only is he pretty proud of his crawling skills, he's also getting real good at pulling himself up on things. From couches, to the coffee table, to the chairs, to his toy tote...he's getting good!! Here are a few pictures of him just playing and having fun with his new tricks!! Time for Mommy to really baby proof the house now!! :) He thinks the computer cords and buttons are extra cool!!

Klous likes to watch what I'm doing on the here he is holding on to my legs to see what's going on...And then he makes his way over to the coffee table to see what he can get in his makes a pretty cool sound when you slap it too you know!!
And when his little legs get tired...he likes to just find his toys and sit on the floor with them...throwing is also a trick he's learning quite quickly...
just give him a ball...and he'll play catch with you...ok so he'll throw it at you and get REAL excited when you throw it back to him!!!
He is truly a boy...and each day he's proving that just a little more!!! Now that he actually crawls, it's so nice that I can go into the bathroom, his bedroom, or our bedroom...and he doesn't sit in the living room and scream...he just follows along and finds's fun!!! But he doesn't move slowly...he's gonna be real quick soon...then I'll be chasing him and finding him!! :)

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