Sunday, June 17, 2007

Our lil' drummer :)

Yesterday (Saturday) we were cleaning the house and getting ready for Klous' cousin Zack to come stay with us. While cleaning, I was going through stuff in Klous' room and packing the little baby stuff up...well I came across a couple toys we had gotten at garage sales last summer when I was prego, and they've just been forgotten. So I got them out and had Klous play with them!!! He enjoyed it I think!!

It was a little drum with other instruments inside...including a conductor's hat too...Ryan said he remembers it from when he was of course we had to get it!! I was getting Klous ready to be in the parade :)Now he's all ready to go...he's got his drum, baton, and maraca :)
Then we had to see what else there was...didn't get the tambourine or cymbals out in time for the pictures...oh well...either way, Klous had fun with it!! Mommy did too :)

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krista said...

Klous looks like he is having a lot of fun! I also remember those toys from when I was little. We will have to look for them for Ava!