Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!! :)

I'd like to wish all the daddy's out there a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! We had an okay weekend with Ryan!!! Getting the house cleaned...and just hanging out...despite the 100 degree weather...we found ways to relax and have fun!! Went to a water park on Saturday...but forgot the camera...but here's a few things Klous got to do with Daddy on his first Father's Day weekend!!!

This is after church today, Daddy's wearing the shirt Klous got him and the shorts Mommy got him!! (sorry for the glare on their heads!!)While cleaning...Klous just really wanted to help Daddy get the stuff from under the was fun to crawl under there with Daddy!!! :) Don't know that Daddy thought he was much of a helper though!! Kept pulling EVERYTHING out!! :)
Friday night, my boys were pretty pooped out by like I sat up and watched the news alone and took pictures of them!! Cute huh!! Like father, like son!! :)
And I just had to throw this picture in...this is me and my daddy way back when...probably like 1990-1992?? I don't know when for sure?? But wanted to wish him an extra special Father's day...he's a great dad and has taught me so so much!! Couldn't ask for a better one!! I LOVE YOU DADDY!!! :)


krista said...

How cute!! I love the picture with Klous sleeping with his dad! It was also very fun to see Becki with her dad! Very cute!!

Dustin said...

Pretty goofy looking kid, Ryan I mean, that Klous kid must be adopted!