Sunday, June 3, 2007

cAmPiNg :)

This weekend we took the opportunity to get away from the city and was wonderful!!! We went up into the mountains and went camping with our friends Chris & Jen Kelly and their kids. We were a little nervous as to how Klous would do with the adventure, but he was AMAZING...and did so good. Gives us a lot of hope and courage to do it more this summer!!! It got pretty cool in the evening and night time, but Klous managed to sleep all night long both nights and stay warm, so that was great. Here are some pictures of our fun weekend and a few things we got to do!!

Klous was pretty excited about the tent and being able to crawl around it crinkle the tarp you can see he was ALL smiles!!! :) :) :)
Here's our campsite...ours was the orange and white tent...the campsite was just right for our 2 little families!! (Ryan's getting lunch ready) :)
Klous really liked the campfire and all the pretty colors...the Kelly boys liked how big the flames got with a pile of pine needles being thrown on!!! So, so relaxing...
Ryan managed to walk on the stumps across the "Salt Creek" and get to the other side...he was looking for wood for the fire and anything else exciting!! Such a nice sound to listen to as we slept...the water was great!!!
Klous finally got pooped out Saturday afternoon and decided to crash in the tent...we were glad he took his nap even though he didn't have his music or crib...he did so good!!! Not to mention how dang cute he is!! :)
And of course his newest trick is spitting and doing the "raspberry" thingy with his he was sure to share his spit outside!!!
I didn't get any pictures that really showed how dirty he got...or when he was eating the sticks, bark, pine needles, or dirt...but he is a true boy and was scooting all over the ground to find his "treasures"!!! He had a lot of fun...and his parents enjoyed the little break from real life as well!!! :)


krista said...

How Fun!! Klous is really amazing! I am amazed at how well he slept! He is just a perfect (and very cute) little boy!

breckster said...

it looks like you had fun! You guys are brave!