Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So far...So good :)

Well...today was the first day of this new schedule!!! And surprisingly, it went ok!!! I was a little nervous this morning when all 3 of the kids were here...and I was trying to manage them all!! It worked though!!! Klous & Zack were very good at checking on "the baby" while she was sleeping in my room...then Zack was sure to let me know that the baby woke up when her eyes were open!!! It was cute to watch those two with a little baby!!! Here are a couple pictures of Klous & Zack shaking her hand and saying..."nice to meet you"...it was cute!!! She just laid there and smiled at them!!Zack only tried a couple times to share his juice with her!!!
I guess I didn't want to realize that my "baby" is getting so big!! I always thought he was still little compared to Zack!!! I still thought he had such cute little fingers and toes...but today...when this baby was here too!!! WOW...Klous is a MONSTER compared to her!!! Doesn't seem like that long ago that Klous was that tiny...but man how fast it goes!!! I was sure to tell Charolette's mom to enjoy this stage...because it doesn't last nearly long enough!!! None the less...I still love and adore my baby...and he wasn't too fond of this other baby that Mommy was holding!!! He had to do all he could to sit on my lap too!!! He was cute with her though...as you can see!!!
Zack was just as cute too...I just have to remind myself that Klous & Charolette are like Zack & Klous were when Klous was born!!! So I need to remember that they'll (well really just Klous) eventually get better with the baby!!!
Hopefully this will be good training and help for Klous to get used to having a baby around...because SOMEDAY we'd like to have another one around here!!! NO...this is NOT an announcement of any kind ;)...things not working like we'd hope...but we're still truckin' along!!!


Tara Spencer said...

Hey Becki
Thanks for the comment. It took me forever to figure it all out. I am not great at this yet, but I guess I am learning! We will get together soon. Let's plan something fun. Maybe we can take the kids sledding on Sat. Let me know what you think
Love Tara

krista said...

Klous and Zach look so cute with the little baby! It is amazing how big Klous looks when he is holding the baby! It is crazy to see how quickly he has grown!! He is so adorable with such a sweet personality! Good luck with all the kids, it sounds like you are already doing a great job!

Morgan said...

Klous is getting so big...it's like he's growing up in seconds! Tell him to stop it!