Monday, January 28, 2008


Well I haven't posted pictures lately of I thought I'd share some!! He's getting so big...and has such a cute personality!! We're going to Minnesota this weekend, and I can't wait...I'm so anxious and excited for my family back there to see him!! It's been 10 months since we've been it's WAY past time!!! are some cute pictures of him!!

The first couple...I tried to get him and his new friend he's found in the oven!! :) He just sees his reflection in he constantly walks by and say HI or CHEESE to the baby in there!!! It's kinda cute...most kids do it in a mirror...not Klous...he likes the oven!! :)This one you can kinda see his reflection!!
Last Friday...we had Charolette over...and she had just woken up, so it was time to change her bum...well this is what I looked over and saw after I went to get the wipes!! I couldn't help but smile and get the camera!! Think he's a little jealous!?!?! He wants to be a baby too!!!
Tried to tell him that TINY diaper wouldn't fit on his BIG bum!! :)
And lastly...this weekend Ryan found this on "craig's list" was only $ we decided to get it!! It's HUGE, but is so nice to be able to close in the computer and anything else we need to hide!!! And an actual place I can put my Willow Tree's pretty nice!! We were up 'til 3:00 A.M on Sunday morning...putting it together and trying to get all our furniture to fit in the living room!! We're getting used to it though...the whole bottom opens up too like the top!! It's HUGE!!! :) :) :)
Klous was pretty happy to have it too...he liked the keys that came with it the most though!!! Here he is saying CHEESE!!! :) Stay tuned for a video of him...I need to get something with all the cute little words he we'll work on that!!!


krista said...

Very cute! Klous looks adorable with Charlotte and that is too funny that he laid like that when you were changing Charlotte! You can really tell how much Klous has grown when he is laying by Charlotte. I love the entertainment center and $50 is such a great deal! How fun! Have a great time going home!

breckster said...

Have fun in Minnesota! We miss you!