Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to my OLD hubby!! :)'s is Ryan's 28th birthday!!! I spent a little time this morning finding some pictures I have of him around put this hope you enjoy it!! He's getting SOOO old :) :) :) Love you babe!! :)

Isn't he so cute...and yes...that is Ryan and not Klous!!
A little older...and just as curious as Klous is lately...Some pictures of Shauna & Ryan when they were little...kinda reminds me of Klous & Zack!!! Gotta love the faces they're making...they both look SOOO happy :)That's better!! Cheeser faces in their clown costumes!!! :)'s some more recent least from the Ryan I know/knew!!! Here he is on his mission...that's actually my older brother on the day of HIS mission farewell!!! Our engagement picture...oh the good days!!! :)
Hotty up on the Y...after a LONG hike!!

Klous & Daddy last year at this time...
And most recent family picture!!!

Happy Birthday babe...I love you and am so so grateful for all that you do for me and our family!!! Thank you...Klous loves you as well...and we hope you have a GREAT day!!! Even though you have to be at work :(


krista said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! Those are very cute pictures! I can totally see the resemblance between Ryan and Klous!

breckster said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!

We went over to Andy and Anna's last night, and had a lot of fun, but it made us miss you guys!

Austin said...

happy birthday to ryan!

hope you have a very happy birthday! i agree, klous looks a lot like his daddy!

JJ said...

Happy Birthday Ryan....what a cute little kid you were! Hope you had a good birthday...and all your dreams for that day came true! We love you!

mateo said...

Happy late B-day dude!

I hope you got to enjoy a day off on the credit union. Are you guys doing anything this Friday? Lisa and I thought it would be kinda cool to have a double b-day party type thing with us and you guys. let me know.