Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!! :) I didn't write anything about the New I thought I'd do something quick!! I always try to have "resolutions" or whatever, but after reading some other people's blogs, and NEVER accomplishing what I want...I'm just gonna set some easier "goals"!!! Maybe if I write them down on here, they'll actually happen??? Who knows...but here's what I'd LIKE to work on and do better with!!!
~Getting in shape, and losing 30 lbs
~Reading scriptures daily
~Praying daily...(personal, family, and couples)
~Saving money
~Being happier there you you can all see my goals, and hopefully I'll be able to post in a few months...that I'm achieving some of them?!?!?!

I also wanted to write on here...I need to thank my friend AnnaMarie...she's inspired me to do a "blog book" THANK YOU!!! She always talked about it, and it sounded to I'm passing it along too!!! She found it on and told me about I checked it out today. Ever since I started this blog, I wondered how I could keep it and have it for Klous when he gets well as for myself. I just figured I'd have to copy and paste EVERYTHING into Word or something and figure it out that way??? But NOPE!!! On this website, they just upload or import your entire blog...and you can pick your layouts and whatever...and make yourself a book!!! They're not priced too bad either...especially if you figure in the prices of having to print all your pictures, get the scrapbook, scrapbook supplies, and then DO the scrapbook!! So I think we're gonna go for it...just make one at the end of each year...and keep those!!! I'm pretty excited about it...and Ryan thought it was cool feel free to check it out if you guys want...I wanted to share it with you, and offer it to you too!!! Hope you find it as exciting as I do!!! It'll be REAL cool a couple years down the just pull it out and see all the "fun" things you did that year!!!


Morgan said...

What a great idea! We'll have to check it out too! By the way your new look is great!

krista said...

Good luck on your goals! I hadn't really thought about my resolutions for the year but after reading your blog, it really inspired me to make my own. I was also way excited to hear about the blog book! Larry and I will have to check it out!

Morgan said...

Hey Becki! We are not sure if San Antonio is where we are going to go...but we will be moving somewhere in April we just don't know where yet!

We really need to get serious and figure out a way to get together!