Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fun times lately...

A couple weeks ago...we were talking to Klous about needing to "go" somewhere...Ryan & I both got distracted...and weren't getting ready like we should have been!! But don't worry...Klous knew what he was supposed to be doing!!! I looked to see what he was doing, and saw this...however I wasn't quite fast enough to get the entire thing!!! He was sitting on the floor...putting on Daddy's beanie and Mommy's mitten!!!He was pretty proud of how good he looked!! And was ready to GO :)
Doesn't he look so cute with the beanie on!!! Hope it keeps his ears warm!! Ha Ha :D
Then as an earlier post was Daddy's birthday this last week. We had friends and family over to celebrate with him!!! Klous was excited when it came time to eat the cake...he got pretty into it don't you think!!!
Zack-a-roni enjoyed his cake and ice cream too!!! :)
We tried to get Gavin & Klous to pose together...but they just weren't having it!!! They're not like the good 8 month olds that just sat there and looked at you!! Now they just want to GO GO GO!!! :)'s some of the adults too!! Shauna, Jared, and Tara...we all had a good time...and hopefully Ryan had a good birthday!!! I think he did!!! :) :) :)


Morgan said...

Too fun! Gotta love birthdays!

krista said...

Klous is too cute with the beanie and mitten on! What a smart little boy! The birthday looks like a lot of fun!