Monday, January 21, 2008

Newest issue.... I know I haven't posted anything lately...and I just haven't been doing as good at taking pictures or anything...sorry!!! Klous is a MANIAC at times...and he just wears me out!!! So yeah...that's my excuse!!! I don't like to take pictures either...cuz then you see my MESSY house...and yeah...oh well!! You'll have to settle for these pictures...he's cute...even though he's naughty sometimes!!!
Klous thinks the computer is simply AMAZING or something??? I don't really know?? He's learned how to climb on the chairs...stand on the chairs...reach for the mouse...and whine and scream til he gets my attention to give him the keyboard. Now I don't do that last part...but he tries...and just screams more if I don't give it to's great!! Sometimes I don't see the problem with him just playing with the mouse...he's can't screw things up THAT much right!! Until he starts throwing the mouse like a ball...then it's time to get down!!! Then he screams more and very dramatically throws himself on the floor!! It's nice!!!'s Klous at the computer....maybe he'll be a computer genius??Cuz he looks so intently at the screen and watches what he's doing!!!
Papa Bob & Gramma Judy got him this little computer thingy...well it's what we got him with the money...and we thought he'd like it!!! Yeah...he likes it...but nearly as much as the NORMAL keyboard!! I put this one on and turn the game on...and he just bangs on the real irritating!!! But again...he's just cute...and has a way with that little smirk and smile huh!!! :) Gotta love him!!
Stay tuned to more posts soon hopefully!! Starting tomorrow, I'll be watching Zack everyday and another little girl in the ward...she's only 8 weeks old!! YIKES...should be interesting having these 2 boys who struggle with sharing...and now another baby!!! We'll let you know how it goes...wish me luck!!! :D :D :D


krista said...

I know how those temper tantrums are! Ava has already thrown a few of her own! I didn't think that I was going to have to deal with that until she was much older. But Klous looks so cute sitting at the computer! What a cute little smile! Good luck with all of the kids! I know that you will do great!

Morgan said...

Good luck with that!