Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Vacuum!!!

We got a Christmas card in the mail last was from Kathy Hachey...who I worked with in Minnesota last time we lived there!! She was the Kindergarten teacher I helped in Crosby...and she is an AMAZING lady!!! Anyways...she's been Klous' adopted "Grandma" and has always sent unexpected cards or gifts, which are greatly appreciated!! In this card, there was some money in it for I took him to Target last week to see what we could find!!! And he was SOO excited to be able to find this FUN toy!!! He didn't want to leave it alone, and just played with it constantly. It's a VACUUM!!! I'm hoping it'll help him not be so scared of the REAL thing!!! And it's worked so far...look how cute he is with it!!! It runs on batteries and sounds like a vacuum, and even has the little dust-buster that can come out too!! So...THANK YOU Grandma Kathy!! We love you and really appreciate you!!! :) :) Not to mention that we MISS you LOTS!!! :) :) :)


JJ said...

Get to work Klous!!! I am just kidding, what a cute little vacuum. I think it will be fun to be vacuuming when Mommy is. Fun!

Morgan said...

Wow! How fun! Does it actually suck up stuff?? I need to get one if it does!

krista said...

Klous is too cute with his little vacuum! His little smile is adorable!