Friday, September 21, 2007

Random, fun days...

Lately I've just been watching Klous and trying to get some cute pictures of him!! He's getting so big and adventurous...and always wanting to be into something new!! I'm having lots of fun with all the time I have with him...and it's SOO cute to watch him when Ryan comes home...he'll walk right up to him and just give Daddy a BIG HUG!! He's so sweet...and we love him!! Enjoy the pictures!!

Klous is really getting into books/stories lately...sometimes he's a little rough on them, so we take away the paper ones...but with the board books...he'll walk around forever with them!! Especially this one he has..."Old McDonald had a Farm"...he'll go through the pile of books til he finds this one...then walk to me and have me sing the song to him. It's cute!! Here are a few times throughout a day that I caught him "reading" it...note how sleepy he looks in the first one :) He had just woken up!!
He laughs when I get the the "mule & horse" page!!!

He LOVES it :)
We also got some ABC magnets for him...his favorite game is to push them all onto the floor and then throw them at the fridge to see if they stick!! I had to take pictures of his first real battle scar...see it on his face...cheek/eyebrow...he doesn't understand that he can climb the cement steps at Grandma's...but he's not quite sure how to come down :( So he got a nice visit with the ground I guess...poor guy...he's tough though!!!

He also is bound and determined to wear Auntie Shauna's sunglasses...I missed the picture of him when he got them to balance on his "large cranium" these ones will have to do!!
After trying a bit on his own...and almost breaking them...
Mommy helped him put them on...where he was ALL about BIG SMILES...and then Auntie Shauna took them back before they got broken!!!

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krista said...

Klous is so adorable with his little book! He has such a fun, happy personality! The sunglasses pictures are great!