Sunday, September 30, 2007

Maybe I drink too much?!?!?!

The other day I came out into the kitchen to find Klous getting into our bag of empty pop cans. He was reaching to get one, and doing all he could to get it!! Earlier I had a can, and he was trying to drink it...obviously I didn't let him, because it was I guess he was going to get his OWN and drink his OWN?!?!?! Here's what I got!!He finally got one...and had to try it!!!
Then he had to walk over to show Mommy and look at the's pretty cool!!
Then he needed one more BIG drink!! Seems to have enjoyed it!! Guess it's his addiction now too since I drank Diet Coke while I was nursing him...oops :)


mateo said...

Woo hoo!! I'm not alone. Lisa has been giving me crap about my drinking habits (I pounded a 12 pack in about 3 days...and then headed to the store for more). Let Klous know it's never to early to start!

krista said...

Klous is so adorable and who can blame him for craving a diet coke! Sounds very good right now though I am really interested in trying the diet cherry coke!