Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall is here!!!

Well...I think we can officially say that FALL IS HERE!! Woo hoo!! I'm a bit excited about this, because I was getting REAL sick of the heat...and the dryness!!! Not that I'll really be able to do anything about how dry it is...but at least we won't have to wake up every morning to another 90-100 degree day!! That's a nice thought!! Cooler weather, means warmer clothes for Klous!! I've had to bring out the "winter" clothes and pack up the "summer" clothes. He doesn't seem to mind the long sleeved shirts...pants...and even the slippers!! :) He's happy no matter what!! Not to mention CUTE!! :)On Sunday night into Monday...we had a storm...it got pretty cold...40 degrees I believe...but once the clouds left, and I could actually see the mountains today...this is what I saw!! SNOW IN THE MOUNTAINS!! It's only September...but really this is nothing...I guess at a ski resort they got 8-9 inches...glad it's in the mountains and not in the valleys!!!
This is Mt. Timpanogos...and the snow that fell up there!!
Klous has enjoyed playing outside in the cooler weather though!! I don't think it really matters whether it's warm or cool...he just likes to be outside!! Give him a stick or a rock, and he'll be fine!!


breckster said...

He's a cutie. You really are a minnesotan at heart... I think its funny how we LOVE when it starts to get cold, non-minnesotans dread this time!

Lisa (Espanish for "Lisa") said...

Cute pictures of your little man! (I have to say man because he's not looking much like a little baby anymore!). I'm sorry I've been such a stranger! I think I'm ready to get out and be social again. Let me know when you want to hang out next week!

krista said...

I love the little red shoes! They are so cute and Klous looks adorable as usual! I am glad that you are liking this cooler weather because I am really missing the heat!