Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pretty leaves...cute boys...and happy family!!!

Well today is Auntie Shauna's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Anyways...for part of it, her & I brought the boys up Provo canyon...just past Sundance and found some fun spots to take pictures!! We wanted some pictures of them with the pretty fall leaves...and the two of them together...since they're both getting so big!! Well we found a very BEAUTIFUL spot...and got some awfully cute pictures!!! Then, Daddy (aka RyRy) was able to get off early today...(thanks Debbie) :) and came up to meet us, to help us get Klous & Zack's attention, smiles, and to get a family picture!! So it was an all around good trip!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

This is where we were...just down that little road...up in those trees...isn't is BEAUTIFUL!!!
The only way I could get Klous to look at me was to say "HI" or "ByeBye"... :)Zack and Klous are so sweet together...except for when they both got bad naps and are crabby!!! But they sure are cute together in the pictures!!
Klous was pretty fond of the tree...
if you can't tell!!! :) :) :)
Our happy lil' family!! Aren't we cute!! :)
And another one...with the sun shining down...I thought it looked cool!!
Auntie Shauna & Zack-a-roni were pretty cute too!! Giving "loves" :)
And thank you to RyRy for actually get a REAL smile out of Zack...and a dumbfounded look out of Klous!! :)
Look at all the pretty colors around them!! They're so cute in the little coats!!
Man I love that kid...and that husband...I couldn't be happier, and I'm so lucky to have such an amazing little family...who could ask for more!! :) :) :)


Lisa (Espanish for "Lisa") said...

Okay, those are some awesome pictures! Looks like you guys had fun!

krista said...

These pictures are soo cute! I love the family ones! The trees are so beautiful at this time of the year!