Saturday, September 1, 2007

BYU Season Opener!!!

Well today is the opener of the BYU football season...and Klous is ALL smiles about it!!! He gets that from his Daddy!!! Although I'm kind of excited about it too...mostly cuz I like to watch Ryan's reactions to the game. He's like a little kid!!!

So we got this cute outfit for Klous...and he was EXCITED!!!
Then we gave him the football, and he got way serious...
When Daddy pushed the lawn mower by him, he took off...(he's scared of it)...but this picture looks like he's running a play I think!!
Then was the final excitement of a "TOUCHDOWN" :) :) :) WOO HOO!!!
Now we'll just have to wait and see if the BYU game is really as good as Klous' little game by himself!! GOOD LUCK COUGARS!!! :)


breckster said...

These are great photos!!! GOOOOO!!!!! Cougars.

krista said...

Very cute!! Looks like Klous is already into football!! I love his BYU outfit!