Sunday, September 23, 2007

Break out the FUZZY jammies!!! :)...and some extra!! :)

Well, tonight is supposed to be the coldest we've had in a LONG's going to get down to 40 degrees...or so they say?!?! So we had to break out the fuzzy jammies we have for Klous!! He wore them all winter and all the time last year...but obviously those ones don't fit!! So here are a few pictures of him with his cute new jammies on...I didn't know what he'd think of them...being all one piece and all...but he didn't seem to care!!

He looks a bit "drunk" or something in this one!!He's calling "da-da" on the diaper phone!!! :)
CHEESE...isn't he so cute!!! :) are a couple random pictures we had, and I wanted to post here you go!!! Last week Ryan had to change the brakes on the car...anytime Daddy is home...and outside...Klous HAS to be out there too!! Otherwise he stands at the door...reaching for the's pretty pitiful!!! Anyways...Klous was all about watching and helping Daddy with the car...even if it just meant finding a stick and hitting the car!! I thought it was cute!!! "Daddy's BIG Helper!!"
Then here's another one...I was at Wal-Mart last week...and I can't pass up cute holiday shirts...and they had cute sweats and sweatshirts for only $ I had to get some...obviously the sweats will work for whatever...and the sweatshirts can be used in the month of October...or if you're like the Andersen kids...(Yoda mostly)...they wear them YEAR round!! So what the heck...Klous however didn't like it much I don't think...he must think it's TOO early for Halloween...something he's going to have to learn to accept with his's NEVER too early for a holiday!!! :) :) :)

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krista said...

How cute! I can't believe how big Klous is getting! He is growing up too quickly!