Monday, April 23, 2007

Teeth are coming!!! :(

Well this afternoon I was feeling Klous' gums, and I actually felt something!! It's only taken 3 months or more, but there is FINALLY a tooth coming in on the bottom!!! Here are a few pictures to show you all how he's felt through this whole experience, and how it'll be until he's got a mouth full of teeth!!!

"Mommy & mouth and gums hurt from these things going up and down. I can't sleep well, and it just hurts." :(
"I try to rub it with my tongue and lips, but it doesn't really help...but today it does feel weird."
"I always gnaw on my toys, your fingers, and anything else I can get into my mouth, and that eases the pain a little."
"I even try to distract myself by blowing bubbles and spitting and drooling to see if that helps."
"But I've come to realize the only things that really makes it feel better are Ibuprofen/Tylenol and Teething Tablets!! THANKS MOMMY & DADDY!!" :) :) :)
Hopefully in the next post we'll have an actual tooth to's just barely poking through today, and hopefully won't go back down into his gums. We'll keep you posted and take pictures as soon as we can see his pearly white!!! YEAH KLOUS!!! :) :) :)


krista said...

Poor little guy! But the pictures are adorable! Has he been teething for the last three months?

The Jones :) said...

Yes...he started having symptoms of teething back in December or January...just crabby and fussy and slobbery...all those hasn't been fun, but some days were a LOT better then others!!! So it's good to finally know that they're coming and we can get through it faster maybe?? How's Ava?? Any signs of teething yet??