Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Baby Klous had LOTS of fun with all the things we got to do while we were in Minnesota. We spent time at Papa Bob's house, we were with the puppies, and we played with his cousins!!! Here are some of the fun pictures we got of him doing these things!!!

While at Papa's house, we walked down the driveway to get the mail each morning!!! Klous had to keep his eye on the dog Toby!!
Then he just enjoyed sitting on the porch outside with Papa!!
All the fresh air made him tired, so Papa laid him down by Toby...he was okay until Toby stood up!!! Then he got scared!!
But he wasn't afraid to look at him or pet him!!! He liked the puppy!!
Then at Auntie Vicki's house for Easter, Uncle Danny showed up with his newest addition to the family!!! His new little puppy Jax!!! Klous like him, because they were the same size!!! At least until he was laying on the floor and Jax wanted to play and attack him...then he wasn't so happy. But he got happy to look at the puppy...and Jax is pretty cute!!!
He even got kisses from Jax!!!
Then the times with his cousins!!! So many new people to meet and he is with Jessi. She's 5 and they share the same birthday!!! Jessi & Klous were both born on Oct. 13!!!
Here is Klous & Eric...they had fun together too!!!
Here's the one closest to Klous' Alex!!! She's too cute and didn't really know what to think about this other baby that was getting attention from her mommy, daddy, and papa!!! But they had fun!!
Klous and Max!! We were at the Mall of America here...first trip for baby Klous!!
Klous and Emma...she had to get him all dressed up in the sunglasses!!! He's pretty cute!!
And of course...Klous and Briella (Yoda)...she just loves him and he loves her...we wonder if it's because she sounds like Elmo and he LOVES Elmo!!! She is always so sweet to him and trying to help...we had lots of fun with Yoda!!!
And's Bekkah...she just liked to hold him and get her picture taken!! She has a cheesy smile too!!!

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