Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good times...

Here are just a few pictures of the "good times" we had while in Minnesota...we love our family back there...and it was so good to see them!!! We LOVE YOU and MISS YOU all LOTS!!! Keep in touch!!

Here's Klous with Uncle Andy and Auntie Anna :)
We were able to celebrate Eric's 3rd birthday with him...Auntie Anna was silly and put those trick candles on Eric's cake...he just kept blowing them, but they wouldn't go out!!!
Eric loves his super hero's so here he is with the Spiderman blanket we got him and the Superman pillow Grandma made for him!!
Here we are at Mall of America...just trying to figure out what we all want to do...chillin' in Lego Land!!
And of course...Yoda and Baby Klous just playing!! He's always so so happy!!

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