Monday, April 30, 2007

Fun in the SUN :)

Well last week it was pretty nice outside...and this weekend/week have only gotten better. Klous' cousin Zack came over for the day so his mommy could take the 3 of us went outside for some fun!! Thanks to garage sales, Ryan & I have been able to find some pretty fun things for the kids, and I got them out that day for them!!! Klous & Zack had lots of fun outside...and I had a pretty good time myself!!! :)

Here's Klous in one of his exersaucers!!! He was pretty happy!!
Zack had fun on this little tree house thing Ryan found last year...although the steps are broken, it didn't bother Zack...he made it to the slide and thought it was "COOL" :)
Here they are together just entertaining themselves!! :)
After they got sick of those toys, I pulled out Klous' Easter present...a wagon!! It's pretty neat, and Klous & Zack enjoyed the walk we went on and being together in it!!
They're just too cute!! :) Zack is such a big helper with his cousin!!
All that fresh air pooped us all out, and we came in, ate lunch...then it was nap time. We look forward to LOTS of fun days with each other and Shauna too :) (Zack's mom) :)

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