Monday, April 30, 2007

So Happy!!! Even when teething...

Well this last week has been rough with Klous' two bottom teeth coming has poked through and the other one playing games with him. Either way, he's still our happy little boy!! With this teething process, he's had a LOT of episodes with explosions (diarrhea)...and it's been very messy...and we've gone through a LOT of onesies and outfits...this is after his 2nd bath within 12 hours...and his 3rd outfit I think?? But he was clean, fresh, and I had to get the camera!!
So cute when he gets real excited and kicks his feet and smiles big!!! He's great!!
And he just loves his toys...and he loves the fact he can sit up alone and see what's going on!! He's getting too big too fast if you ask me, but he's enjoying it!! :)


furrever said...

That does not sound like fun. I wonder if we can just get Ava dentures a skip over the whole teething bit.

Gramma Jude said...

Great pictures!! I just saved them in my Klous file.
Specially like the trip pics. We had so much fun while you guys were here. Thanks for the great memories!!! Love you and Miss you Lots and Lots!!!