Monday, March 31, 2008

What the???

This weekend was kind of surprising when we woke up!! At least it was for me...Saturday we were supposed to wake up to snow and rain...and we woke up to sunny, clear skies...we obviously weren't complaining about that!! But then on Sunday we woke up...and Klous was happy as ever...(actually this picture of him was taken this morning)....but this is what we saw outside...WHAT THE???? Klous' toys are all covered in was kind of was cold and yucky again...
even his car was sticking out too far that it got hit with the storm too!!! WHERE IS SPRING??
Then this morning...Monday...Ryan got up and went to work...and Klous was sweet enough to sleep until 8:30...but when he woke up and I looked outside...this is what I saw...a nice sheet of ICE on everything...YUCK!!! I'd rather have the snow!!
This is our sidewalk outside...yucky huh...I called Ryan to make sure he made it to work...don't think driving on it would've been that much fun?? But that's just me...guess I'm glad I didn't keep the car from him!! Oh yeah...he made it fine!! But Klous & I are very sad it's so yucky out that we can't go play...sad day :(
Oh that's alright though...cuz Klous is all smiles on the couch watching his shows!! What a cute kid!!!
Hope you guys are all enjoying the RETURN of the winter weather as much as I am...NOT REALLY!!! Hopefully warm temps and sunshine will come back soon!!!

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krista said...

Utah weather is so sad sometimes! It will warm up and get you so excited and ready for spring and then all of the sudden it will start snowing and get cold again! Klous looks adorable as usual!!