Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stinkin' WARM!!! :) :) :)

Yesterday it was SOOOO nice outside!!! Klous & I went across the street to our friend's house...and it was actually HOT sitting in the sun. It got up to like 60 degrees I was kinda nice!!! After coming home, I decided I was gonna BBQ some polishes for dinner. So we went outside...Klous' feet were I got out his NEW sandals!!! He was pretty excited...and I just had to take pictures to show them off!!!

He liked that he could touch his toes!!!Look at those HUGE feet...size 7 already!! He's only 18 months old!! Ahhhh :D
Then he found his chair...and had to say CHEESE to Mommy!!
I was going in and out of the house...getting stuff ready for dinner...Klous was trying to keep up with me and do what I was doing...this time didn't go so well for him. :( I heard him coming...then he screamed...then I looked to see this....his poor head. :( He tripped on our back step and hit head right on the corner of the bricks. It was terrible...I was a bit scared at first...cuz it was just getting bigger and bigger by the minute. Of course I had the camera still, from taking pictures of his then I got shots of this too!!!
He was VERY happy to see Daddy pull in the driveway after he calmed down!! Look at that goose egg on his forehead...poor kid. :(
He looked MUCH better this morning...and it wasn't nearly as swollen...just bruised!!! Good thing he's a tough kid, with a LARGE cranium!!! :)


breckster said...

I bought Reuben an easter outfit, the pants are little Bermuda shorts, and I just realized that we aren't in Utah anymore. It is still cold here, and by cold I mean still need winter coat cold. (which I think I may have worn my winter coat 4 times in the 7 years I lived there.)

Oh, and Klous is SO big! I bet he is a hoot!

Mindy said...

I'm reading about your day while it is snowing outside. I'd like the weather you're getting and my kids would too. I thought spring was on it's way, but I guess not.
Ouch, that goose egg looks painful. Hope that doesn't happen again.

JJ said...

Ooooooh ouch!....poor Klous! Glad you went out to enjoy the beautiful day. Hailey and Gabe were getting a little stir crazy...thank goodness for a little sun!

Mike and Jana Black said...

Size 7 shoe, good night, that's the same size that Abby wears! Nice goose egg!

Morgan said...

What a cute kid you have Becki! Tyler had a goose egg on his head like that when he was younger...awwe those are the days!

PS we are going to be down in SLC from the 16th - the 29th of April if you want to get together any of those days. Let me know!

krista said...

I also loved the warm weather of last week and was so sad when it started snowing yesterday! But it should be Spring soon! Klous is just getting so big! I am glad that the head wound wasn't too bad!