Monday, March 3, 2008

Just random pictures!!

Last week was so nice the end of the week, it was up to 60 was GREAT!! BUT...we are in Utah...and it is just barely by Saturday it was snowing and freezing again!!! Anyways...last week we had LOTS of fun outside playing, going to the park, and just getting out of the was great!! Made us all real anxious for spring-time!!!

Klous has to have a bat & a ball every time he goes outside...regardless if we're just going to the store or church...he still needs a "baaa"(him saying ball)'s pretty cute!!
Hopefully he'll like baseball and sports...I'm sure he will...he's pretty cute trying to hit and kick the balls!!!
Another thing he does...he has a special "story place"...when we rearranged our living room...the rocking chair has a "spot" behind it that Klous & Zack like to go into. They just bring their stories and whatever else and just sit behind the's cute!! He'll sit back there and "read" his stories...he just jabbers on and on...then brings the story to one of us to read it!! He's just so cute and smart!!!
Ryan got these pictures of him reading his stories the other was cute!!!


krista said...

Klous is just too cute!! I love his little secret story place! It was tons of fun seeing you and Klous today at lunch!

Mindy said...

I can't believe how little (no) snow you have. If you want to experience winter again, welcome to Rexburg. Klous is so cute. I'm sure he'll play baseball like your brothers...especially with him liking it at such a young age. T-ball here we come! haha

Tara said...

I didn't get your first comment. You will have to leave it again. What did it say?

Mike and Jana Black said...

I wish I had a special place to read. Somewhere where I can't hear the word "mom", for just a few minutes. Klous is so cute.