Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We're here!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!! I guess there hasn't been a lot of exciting stuff for us around here!! Just living life...one day at a time!! :)

Here are a few pictures of Klous lately!!! Last week, Charlotte was here...and I was trying to clean up lunch...I asked Klous to go "talk" to her because she was crying. Next thing I know...I look over and see this...Klous was so sweet at sharing his stories with her...then even sat by her to "read" one!! It was pretty cute...after the stories...he went and got his cars and trucks...(aka...vroom vrooms) :) It was sweet!!
Then yesterday he was just being cute, so I took some pictures!! He just loves his stories...and he LOVES saying CHEESE!!! He's just getting too big and cute!! I just love him!!!

P.S...stay tuned...one of our friends who has a blog has posted their "How We Met" story...so I think that will be coming soon!! We'll have to see!!! :)

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krista said...

How adorable!! Klous is so cute sharing his stories with Charlotte! What a great helper!