Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update on getting big!!

Just a little note to update and let you all know that Klous woke up at 7:00 this morning just to run in and tell Ryan..."Daddy...I slept in my big boy bed ALL night, all by myself!!!" It was pretty cute...guess we'll see what the coming nights bring...hopefully as nice as last night was...I wouldn't mind him sleeping in a bit though!!!


JJ said...

What a great find!!! I have never seen bunk beds that cheap! And they are good ones too! Way to go, and woo hoo Klous, that was a very big boy thing to do! Love you all!

Klous Family said...

haha!! Cute! I hope every night is that nice for you guys! I sure wish we could get Ryleigh in her crib...i get so nervous with all of her stuff going on that we won't hear her or she'll scary! But if we don't get the crib figured out soon she'll be sleeping with us forever! (Thats how it feels anyway!) Awesome find on the crib! That's amazing!