Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend up north :)

We went up to Salt Lake, then to Brigham City, then to Tremonton this weekend. A friend of mine is going on his mission this week...goes into the MTC on Wednesday, so we went up to listen to his farewell talk. I decided we should make a weekend of it and stay in a hotel...and then later in the week I thought we should go to the zoo Saturday on our way up there.

Klous was so so excited to be on our way!!!
Daddy was too I think ;)
Aysha was out before we got on the freeway I think!!!
Got to the zoo and it literally was a ZOO :) People everywhere...guess that's what we get for going the first REAL nice Saturday of the season. Luckily we got a family pass, so we can go back a few times this summer and have it pay for itself!! Klous was done after seeing like 6 animals anyways!!!
We of course had to check out the lion fountain...Klous pretended to get a drink...even though the water was shut off or something???

I love this picture of my little man...he's so cute...and really liked watching the monkeys!!! He's getting so big :(
Klous & Aysha with the gorilla...people kept walking by saying..."oh that's so cute"...guess it is pretty cute...they're so little in that BIG gorilla!!!
How do they measure up!?!?!?! Could you imagine having a baby the size of that baby gorilla...YIKES :)
She'll get there someday!!!
This was Klous' favorite...he liked the elephants and liked to watch them eat their lunch!!!
Ryan pushing our BEAST of a's a monster to push with both kids, a crowd of people, and hills...ahhh!! :)
Getting ready for our picnic was fun!!!
Then off to Brigham City and the hotel...Klous slept for a bit on the way up there...but he was oh so excited when we got to the "swimming place"...that's what he called it at least!!!
After a full afternoon of swimming and playing and visiting the kids were pooped out!!!
Swimming before check-out...Klous couldn't get enough of the water...and luckily it was like a warm bath, so Aysha enjoyed it as well!!!
Our cheeser smiles!!!
We went to church in Tremonton with our friends and listened to Brandon speak. His mom is like an adopted daughter in my we've always been close to this family. I used to babysit Brandon and his other siblings, so it's kinda really crazy to see them (and me for that matter) all "grown" up!! He's going to serve in the Minneapolis Minnesota Mission...Ryan says it's the best mission in the world ;) Might be a little biased since he served there too!! But Brandon lived in northern MN when he was it's kinda neat for him go back there!!!
Mommy & cutie Aysha!!
Me & my little man!! So handsome!!
Back to home and reality...isn't it great!!! Was a nice break with friends and family!! Good luck to Brandon...he'll be great!! :) :) :)


ChasingChase said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time and got to see the farewell. The zoo looked really fun! We want to go with you sometime this summer. See you soon!!

krista said...

What a fun weekend! We love the zoo! It looks like Klous and Aysha were having fun! The best days to go to the zoo is during the week while school is in session. Not very many people go on those days. Swimming looks so fun! Aysha looks adorable!

Andrea and Danny said...

Aww! Looks like so much fun!! Cant wait to see you guys! Danny and I should stay at a hotel in GR when you guys are visiting so we can go swimming with our little ones!! :D FUN!

Ambyr40 said...

I think you forgot to leave those monkeys at the ZOO!!! jk Your pics are adorable! Im so glad Ashya had fun swimming...gettin ready for summer!!