Friday, March 13, 2009

Klous + Aysha = LOVE :)

It's been so cute lately watching Klous with Aysha...since she's more alert and attentive now...he's really liking her!! He tries to talk to catch with her...just everything he does, he wants her to do too!! So here are a few pictures of them together...he's always wanting to hold's so cute!!!
I like the look on Aysha's face in this one...she's looking a little scared!!
Last night it was so cute...Aysha is getting so big and gonna roll over before I know it...and so I put her on the floor to show Ryan how close she comes...of course she didn't do it ;) Anyways...she was just talking and growling and Klous got down on his tummy too and "talked" to her...he's just so cute with her!! Check out the size difference...crazy what 2 years does...his head is SOOO big!! :) :) :)
I love my kiddos :) I'm gonna post a video from this too...cuz it was cute listening to them talk!!


krista said...

Klous and Aysha are sooo cute together!! Klous is the best big brother!

Mindy said...

That is really cute.

Andrea and Danny said...

seriously. klous is SO sweet!! Always wanting to play with his baby sister! How precious! :D
P.S. I look like a worn out mother in the bath picture!