Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So many expressions...

I tell you...this little girl makes so many faces and expressions...all of which are ADORABLE...and I wish I could catch ALL of them on camera!! She's just getting big already...and being so alert and watching us so intently!! We're loving having her around...Klous likes when she smiles and reacts to him talking to her!! TOO CUTE!!
These pictures are just a few faces I've caught when she's laying by me!! Cute girl!!

Starting to laugh/smile!!

Ryan's been able to get both kids to "talk" before me...he gets them to coo and squeak and everything...this was last night before Aysha went to bed...it was stinkin' cute!!! The pictures only show part of it...but she was real excited to talk to her Daddy and have his attention!! Too cute!!

Check out that double chin!!

Man she's just cute...we love her!! She'll be 2 months on the 24th...CRAZY!!!


Klous Family said...

SOOO cute!!! I love when they start smiling and cooing!!! You think they can't melt your heart any more than they already do and then they smile at you!!! Love it!!

krista said...

Her little faces are so adorable!! I can't believe that she is already almost 2 months!! Time has gone by way too fast!

JJ said...

She is so adorable!...I love the corners of her little mouth. Soooo cute!