Friday, January 16, 2009

A little deprived...

I've felt a little guilty for not taking as many pictures or anything of I've tried to do better. He's still being a great big brother and a BIG helper for me!! He's talking up a storm and repeating things when we say them...guess that means we need to be careful now!! He's just great and I love him to are a few recent pictures of my little man Klous!!

He's getting better and practicing going to sleep on his own...small steps for now...we're looking into getting him a "big boy" he's been going to sleep on the couch alone...and doing great. I spoiled him when he was a baby and til now I'm paying for it...FULLY AWARE of it!! New things being done with Aysha now!! Either way...he's doing good at the new adjustments!!
He's so thing will be getting him OFF that binki!! Luckily it's only at naptime and he's improving on that too :)
He loves Aysha...always wanting to hold her, play with her, give her her binki...and anything else! Just a good big brother!!
I did his hair all cute today...but the picture didn't get it...dumb camera!! He likes to have "pokey" hair...which is what he calls it when I put mousse or gel in it!! Silly kid!!
Perfect shirt for him at times :) "If you're looking for I am" :) :) :)
Ok...I couldn't pass up sharing these pictures too...she's just getting so big and making so many faces!! I love it!! Not to mention how much I'm enjoying the "accessories"!!!
Check out her eyebrows...she's thinking real hard!!
Uhhh...too cute!!
Just another smile :)


ChasingChase said...

You do have cute children!!

Klous Family said...

Oh I'm so glad you added pictures of Klous! He is so sweet!! (And Aysha too!! She's pretty dang cute herself!!)

Laura said...

I love the picture of Klous sleeping! So, so cute!

krista said...

Klous looks so cute sleeping on the couch! We are trying to keep Ava in her crib as long as possible! The crib makes it harder for her to escape! Aysha looks adorable! I love the pink headband!