Thursday, January 1, 2009

Late Christmas Post...

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I don't know why I don't come on here as much...might have something to do with a new baby...and as soon as I get Klous down for a nap or whatever, then Aysha wakes up and anyways!! Here I am...a week after Christmas...finally putting some pictures on!! Oh well...better late then never right!!

We had a good Christmas...nothing real exciting...just enjoyed being together as a family and seeing how excited Klous was about it all!! He's at the perfect age for kind of getting it and wanting it to come so it was fun!! Aysha was cute too...but obviously didn't do much!! Here are some pictures of our Christmas 2008!!

This was a couple days before...but I thought it was little COOKIE MONSTER!!! I came into the living room and saw this on the couch...
Then I looked at Klous and this is what I saw...
Check out that mouthful of cookies!! Guess he's like his Papa Bob and like the molasses cookies!!!
Here are the kids Christmas Eve in front of the tree and in their jammies!! So cute!!

Christmas morning...Klous was a bit excited about this present Santa brought him!!

CHEESE...he didn't care about anything else...just wanted the basketball hoop opened!!
Then he noticed he got a PUT-BALL from Santa too...that's what he asked for...yeah for more balls!!
When we told him he could open the rest of his presents...he was willing to wait on the basketball hoop!!
Here are some close-ups of Aysha...kinda scary, but shows how big she's getting!! She's actually filling out a little...
One-month old on Christmas here she is saying CHEESE to the camera!!! Getting chubby!!!
Hope everyone else had a good Christmas too!!!


Julie said...

Very cute pictures. I loved it when our kids were young like that. It was just so fun to watch them with it all.

Klous Family said...

Thanks for posting!! I have been struggling with the blogging lately too. Too much going on!! Looks like KLous had a fun Christmas morning!! He is so adorable!! Loved the cookie picture!! :) Aysha is getting so big!! She is so so so beautiful. Thanks for the bands for Ryleigh! They are really cute!! You have such a sweet family! I cannot wait to see you guys again! HOPEFULLY SOON!!
Love you guys!!

krista said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! I can't believe how big/old Klous is looking! He is so cute! And I am so excited to meet little Aysha! I can't believe that she is already a month old!! We need to plan a lunch soon. Does next week work for you?

Andrea and Danny said...

Awe Klous loves his sister so much!! They are both so adorable!
Thanks for posting!!! :D I've been missing your awesome posts and adorable pics!! :D